Burlesque performer, producer in NYC
The Toast of Long Life, Fervor and Pleasure!

Photo by Frank Lam

Photo by Roger Gordy

Photo by Roger Gordy


Mabuhay (ma•BOO•high) exclamation
1. lit. "to long life"
2. an enthusiastic Filipino greeting
3. a well-wishing utterance expressed during a toast

Punchy. Sultry. Playful. Engaging.

Lady Mabuhay goes for the gusto with her dynamic, expressive acts. She's a juxtaposition of grounded seduction and electric vibrancy, pairing slow and sensuous movements with abrupt feistiness. She can portray a captivating character in a compelling a story, then seamlessly switch to another when you think you've figured her out.

Whether exclaimed in great zeal or whispered seductively into the ear of your barstool neighbor, remember to raise your glass and utter these words when she enters the stage: "Mabuhay!"

An alumna of the New York School of Burlesque with 18 years of dance experience, Lady Mabuhay performs throughout New York City and has performed in Boston and San Francisco. She was a featured performer in the 7th Annual Asian Burlesque Extravaganza.